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    Throughout the entire course of my work, my main artistic concern has been focused on transmitting the vital and physical sources of energy that surround me. I am open to the vibrations of society which I seek to remodel in new forms of plasticity, hovering somewhere between figurative and realism. My goal is not to create an ideal or to reproduce nature, but rather to give form to the energy emanating from people around me. The queries and thoughts that nourish my art are closely linked to life, to human fragility, and of the brevity of emotions.

    To instill greater emotional depth in my work, I let warm and cool colors overlap, in a dynamic that is both simple and complex. The division of the canvas into different planes provides a structure for my composition, allowing me to introduce varying mixtures of colors while emphasizing light, and shadow.Faces, my common theme, distinctly stand out within the depicted space. The face is a concrete form, which provides the means of entering into dialogue with the spectator and to announce the emotional depth of the world. Everything in my subject is painted to provoke emotion, his gaze, his mouth, his cheekbones, broad forehead, and sometimes merely in the slight angle at which the head is held. The overall facial expression is more than just a reflection of personality; it is a reflection of our world. Postures, hairstyles, body

  language, all mirror the movement initiated by the face and express the full eloquence of my work. I try to reflect the energy drawn from an active world. The emotional structure of my work expresses a renewed, richer, and deeper view of life. The resulting depiction is the image of our society in itself, which largely transcends the two-dimensional limits of the canvas. I invite you, the viewers, to travel within the layers of color, light, and shadow, imagining an ever-growing and expanding life form with endless possibilities.


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