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Flory Art Gallery?



  • With a virtual gallery, there is no drop-off and pick-up.

  • Viewers and potential buyers can revisit your artworks multiple times without traveling to a physical place, where some might never even get to. Becoming familiar with your art by repeated views will play a significant role in the recognition and sales of your work, even in the future.

  • Making a purchase will be as easy as on any other online purchase. Billing will be handled through Flory Gallery. You will ship your work and simply receive your payment.

  • You may show your work in other exhibits concurrently since your work is digitally displayed at Flory Art Gallery without schedule hassles.


Unlimited Connection with longer exposures of artwork 


  • Through E-Newsletters and social media, we will highlight your work for more views for a longer period of time than in a physical gallery.

  • Your viewers can easily obtain the information regarding your work and directly request Flory Art for other relevant information, such as your bio or artist statement.


Increase Business

  • Your art will be shared with a significant number of profitable business owners or managers who will offer their locations for Flory Art Gallery venue  shows 

  • An emerging set of art dealers is now specializing in work available only online and could see your art in our virtual gallery.


We are here for you. Flory Art Gallery looks forward to seeing your work in our current and future Calls for Artists!

Let’s Work Together

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